The Team at Crescent Wings Farm

Providing Premier Equestrian Experiences

The well being of our horses and riders comes first. The staff here are highly qualified and dedicated to providing the ultimate in quality care and training for our horses and riders.


Mimi Redden

Mimi Redden

Mimi Redden is one of two trainers who work with the riders at Crescent Wings Farm. Mimi has 30 years experience training horses and riders in hunters, jumpers, dressage, cross country and fox hunting. She also trains riders and their horses in swimming in the lake at her farm! She divides her time between her farm on Blue Mountain outside Harrisburg and Crescent Wings Farm. We like to say that with all the years she has spent riding and training horses and riders, Mimi is actually a horse. She thinks like a horse and is always able to figure out what’s going on with the horse and/or rider and always knows exactly how to fix it. She has a tremendous understanding of adult riders. Mimi takes a natural approach to horsemanship which is why the horses love her and do well for her. Her expertise in riding is matched by her ability to train others. Our riders can’t say enough about how much she has helped them in every aspect of riding and horsemanship. Mimi takes occasional clinics with Jim Wofford and hosts her British trainer, Steve Tibbles, once a year for clinics at her farm. She is Field Master for the Blue Mountain Hunt. She has worked with all types of horses including off the track thoroughbreds where she has had great success, including in upper level dressage. Training with Mimi is always fun and leaves you feeling really good about yourself and your horse. Her goal is to further you and your horse through comprehensive training both in the ring and on the ground. Balance, rhythm and clarity of intention is her theme. Her approach is very upbeat and geared towards the rider’s and horse’s specific needs.

Veronique St-Maurice

Veronique St-Maurice

Veronique St-Maurice first began riding when she was eight. Her family moved from Montreal to Toronto. Her mother sent her to pony camp to learn how to speak English before going into the third grade. From that point there was no looking back. She learned the basics and started competing at the lower levels in eventing. Veronique got her first pony, Bentley, when she was twelve. She later learned her father was being transferred to Paoli, PA. After competing her pony in PA for about a year, she moved on to her first horse, Gizmo. Gizmo taught her everything through up to Preliminary level. They came in fourth together at Virginia CCI* in 2006 when she was sixteen. Veronique kept competing and went to college at The Tyler School of Art at Temple University to get her Bachelors in Fine Arts. In order to be closer to her competitive riding activities and training responsibilities, she is finishing up her degree at West Chester University and will graduate in December, 2012. While in college, she took on the challenge of buying and working with a few project horses from the race track. Veronique worked and trained under Kate Hicks for 4 years. She also takes lessons from Boyd and Silva Martin and enjoys taking clinics with Jim Wofford. Veronique is looking forward to finishing her degree so that she can dedicate her time to riding, competing and teaching. She has a special knack for working with adults and has endeared herself to all of the riders at Crescent Wings Farm (as well as to the horses!) Through her eventing experience, Veronique has developed the skills necessary to train our adults in the various disciplines. She has been able to guide the riders in both beginning to advanced flat work and jumping. Veronique makes all of our riders feel good about themselves while advancing in their training or sprucing up their existing knowledge.


Juan Diaz is our full time groom who takes care of the horses, the barn, the pastures and the indoor and outdoor rings. He helps with many other things too numerous to mention and lives on the property so that we have virtually 24/7 care. Juan loves the horses. His approach is kind and the horses respect him. He is helping with the training of Devon, our two year old. Juan is a significant force in the lives of our horses because of all the time he naturally spends with them. We trust him implicitly as do the horses.

Juan Diaz Juan Diaz


Crescent Wings Farm is owned and operated by Kathleen and Randy Palmer. Both are retired from their prior careers and work full time at managing the boarding operation and taking care of the farm’s physical assets. Kathleen rides and trains on her Thoroughbred and with Mimi is bringing along her two year old. Kathleen and Randy were responsible for the major farm improvements undertaken in 2008 and 2009. These included overseeing the barn expansion and indoor arena design and construction. They are committed to being hands on in taking care of their property and in responding to the needs of the horses, riders and trainers. Randy has an engineering background and Kathleen’s is financial, a combination that works very well to accomplish what is required at Crescent Wings Farm.

Kathleen Palmer Randy Palmer